Costs/Payment Plans
Being a patient at Woodlands Dental means you are able to benefit from our highly qualified and motivated team. To help make being a patient as affordable and convenient as possible we give you the option of either paying Private fee per item or using our maintenance scheme Denplan.

Private Fees Per Item
We strive to keep you informed of expected cost at every stage of your dental treatment. The price list below is only an approximation; A treatment plan estimate will be provided for you following your consultation so you are fully informed of costs before commencement of planned procedures. Please note that dental charges must be paid on the day of your appointment and for longer courses of treatment a deposit may be required.

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Treatment Price
New Patient consultation not including x-rays £85
Routine check up £40
Small x-ray £9
OPG (large xray of the whole mouth) £32
Study models £70
Professional cleaning with hygienist 20 mins £45
Mouthguards £70
Diagnostic wax-up (per tooth £37
Open surgery £100


Treatment Price
Anterior composites From £80
Posterior composites Fillings From £150 - £250
Glass ionomer restorations £70
Amalgam fillings £85

Root Fillings

Treatment Price
Incisor/canine -higher charge if more complex From £375
Premolars From £425
Molars Depending on the number of canals. From £475
Endodontic Investigation. £150

Crowns etc.

Dependant on complexity:- i.e. crown lengthening, bleaching, extended temps 

Treatment Price
Porcelain Veneers From £500
Porcelain bonded crown From £500
Gold crowns From £525
All ceramic crowns From £550
Bridge - per unit retainer and pontic From £575
Composite Onlays £400
Posts From £145
Prototype crowns (temps and provisionals):- £150


Treatment Price
Extractions (x-rays extra From £85
Emergency xla (i.e. to new/casual patients) £95
Surgical extraction from - time dependent £120
Other surgery - time dependant (i.e. Apicectomy From £275


Prices include special trays, lab fees and teeth for denture.

Special order teeth at extra cost. 


Treatment Price
Set of F/F From £1050
F/- or -/F From £525
1 - 6 tooth denture £440
7 or more teeth From £475
Denture repairs / additions From £100
Additions per tooth £90
Cobalt - chrome partial dentures From £850
Reline (upper or lower) £140

Precision attachment cases – by individual consultation

Professional Tooth Whitening

Treatment Price
Full Mouth £360
Per Arch £180


By individual consultation. Typically  £2300  per restored tooth.

Denplan Fees

The Denplan Care maintenance scheme allows you to pay monthly by direct debit and will cover your routine dental treatment at the practice. If you prefer to spread the cost of your dental maintenance then Denplan care will help you to avoid the worry of unexpected expense.

To find out more about the many benefits of being registered with Denplan please either fill in the online enquiry form or speak to one of our reception staff.

Category Price
Adult Denplan Care Category A £12.99
Adult Denplan Care Category B £20.92
Adult Denplan Care Category C £24.89
Adult Denplan Care Category D £31.62
Adult Denplan Care Category E £37.64

Latest Case Study


This patient was unhappy that the existing porcelain veneer on the upper left lateral incisor- it was described as “dull” and “darker than the natural teeth”. Matthew advised to replace the veneer with a lighter shade to match the existing teeth and to add some composite to the upper left canine tooth to improve the appearance- make it less pointed; the incisal edges of the upper teeth were improved also with the addition of composite. The work was completed over 2 visits, with the help of Steve Taylor, dental technician, to achieve a natural smile. The patient was delighted.

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